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Page last edited on 12 March, 2003

Does God Exists ?

[ by a Christian believer ]

Look at the world around you as an honest scientist.

An October 1998 Associated Press article by Paul Recer gives the "recipe for life" to his readers: "Take some chemicals, stir in a source of energy and mix with mild temperatures for a few hundred million years." He was probably referring to well publicized experiments done by Dr. Stanley Miller and Dr. Sidney Fox. Their laboratory experiments aimed at trying to prove that life could arise spontaneously. They designed a pyrex apparatus containing methane, ammonia, and water vapor, but no oxygen. Through this mixture they passed electric sparks to simulate lightning strikes.

What was the result? No life was produced, of course, but the electricity did combine some atoms to form amino acids. (Amino acids are compounds that are the simplest units out of which proteins can be assembled.)

Did the Miller/Fox experiment prove that life could eventually have arisen in some ancient sea struck by lightning? No, their results actually weakened the case. The mixture of amino acids and other simple chemicals produced is not correct for producing life. All known life uses amino acids which are exclusively of the "left-handed" form. (Left-handed molecules is a term used to refer to the "stereo chemistry" of a molecule's construction; An amino acid can be chemically "left-hand" or "right-handed" in its orientation. These two forms are identical in their atoms, but opposite in their 3-dimensional arrangement. They are mirror images of each other.)

No known life can use any combination of both "right-handed" and "left-handed" amino acids. Adding even one "right-handed" amino acid to a chain of "left-handed" amino acids can destroy the entire chain! Yet when amino acids are synthesized in the laboratory, there is always a 50% mixture of the two forms. Only through highly advanced, intelligently controlled processes can these two forms be separated.

Even if this overwhelming obstacle did not exist, far greater problems remain for the production of life. There are numerous reasons why the amino acids would disintegrate or never form in the first place. Furthermore, life requires much more than amino acids. One necessity is proteins; another is a DNA code.

(Notes taken from "Origins Answer Book" by Paul S. Taylor, Eden Publications)

Because of the impossibility of life being spontaneously produced on earth without an outside influence, more scientists are advocating various theories of influence from other sources in space. But research astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez of the University of Washington is a rational and sobering voice to the many speculations of extraterrestial life advocates when he says:

"To determine the probability of intelligent life existing elsewhere in the Milky Way, we must consider the necessary conditions for both the origin of life and the maintenance of life. Examples of the first category: a source of heavy elements, required to build terrestrial planets and organisms (this rules out most old stars, which formed from hydrogen and helium); a source of radioactive elements to keep the core of the planet hot (this rules out recently formed stars); and a source of liquid water (which may come from comets). These requirements limit the possible locations in the Milky Way where life might originate ... The conditions needed to sustain life are different from -- and in some cases seem to contradict -- those needed to form it ... Recent discoveries in astronomy greatly weaken the case for extraterrestrial life by demonstrating how dangerous the universe is. Gamma-ray bursts turn out to give off much more radiation than had previously been believed" (Wall Street Journal, 1997).
Everything we know about life clearly points to organization and creative design, the very antithesis of random chance and natural processes of evolution. Even atheists, such as Francis Crick (Nobel prize winner) acknowledged that, "An honest man, armed with all the knowledge available to us now, could only state that in some sense, the origin of life appears at the moment to be almost a miracle" (Life Itself, 1981).
  • Which theory fits the evidence in the best way?
Complex order does not happen in the world today without an outside influence of power and intelligence. To assume a complex atom, a molecule, a cell, an organism, a world, a solar system, a galaxy, or a universe happened in any other way is to go beyond the evidence of science and into the realm of faith without evidence.
Observe highly complex order at every level
  • In the universe
  • In every living cell
  • In every molecule and atom
  • Extreme variety at every level only adds to the complexity

One example of complexity is the DNA found in every cell of your body. Amazingly, all the information for every cell in your body (growth, function, etc.) is found in each strand of DNA in each cell of your body! This amount of information on the DNA in each and every cell of your body is equivalent to a large city library! How did such a large quantity of very complex information come into existence?

Some people would say it could happen by systems of random chance, if given enough time. But think for a minute and evaluate how random chance works to produce complex order. What are the chances of clothes all being folded when a dryer stops? All people would say it is impossible. What if you tried 10 billion times? How do you know it would never happen? Because we know that if one fold was made, it would be undone later, as the drier continues to turn. If changes keep happening randomly, they do not remain the same, because they would need an intelligent program to decide which changes should stay, and then also the ability to hold those changes until the next correct one happened. Organized structure always requires higher intelligence. And this example is much more simple than a complex strand of DNA in every cell of your body!

Ordered complexity does not happen in the world today without an outside influence of power and intelligence. So to assume this happened in the past is to go beyond the evidence of science today.

For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities -- his eternal power and divine nature -- have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.
Romans 1:20 (NIV)

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Last updated on 12 March, 2003

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Hate Hurts. Love Cures. Conjecture Fails. Truth Prevails.
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